Website Coach Club

Subscribe below to become a member of our Website Coach Club. Website Coach Club members get all the benefits of our Insider Club including:

  • Special access to our latest online marketing techniques
  • My monthly Insider Club newsletter. PLUS…
  • A personalized weekly coaching call/meeting where we will…
  • Start your web site or do a complete review of your website
  • Put plans into action each week to measure and improve your results
  • On an ongoing basis. This can include:
  • Setting up your website platform
  • Developing a comprehensive keyword list
  • Writing articles to attract search engines and customers
  • Optimizing your site for ongoing SEO
  • Setting up comprehensive analytics so you can track progress
  • Creating inbound links
  • Setting up your pay per click (PPC) programs
  • Helping you to test and manage your PPC account
  • Helping you choose the most appropriate marketing automation provider
  • Assisting you with marketing automation planning & implementation

This is an ongoing, personalized website coaching program and there are plenty of things to do on a continual basis that can help you increase traffic to your site, convert more of that traffic into leads, inquiries and sales; ultimately to help your online business grow.

The objective is to help you or your staff to get better at building and managing online infrastructures such as lead development sites and online sales sites.  There are little known strategies and tools that can help you to continually grow and I’ll show them to you during our coaching calls / visits.

There is no obligation or time limit. If or when you feel we’ve gone far enough or that you have the knack of things and want to go it alone, just let me know.

If you are not completely satisfied with what we are accomplishing, you can cancel your membership anytime.

The cost for this program is only $1299.00 per month.

There is no contract or time commitment. If you ever wish to cancel your Coach Club Membership just click below; no questions asked. In fact, I guarantee satisfaction. If you feel that I don’t deliver value beyond my fees, let me know and I’ll issue a prompt refund of your last month’s fees.