Success Guaranteed Search Placement

 Success Guaranteed™ is based on a simple compelling idea…

One month to the top of Google or it’s free… Success Guaranteed.

You don’t pay a single penny to us until we get you results.  In fact, the reason we started this business is because we don’t want your money unless we get you results.

My name is Joe Martinico and I’ve been studying and teaching online marketing since 1996. I’ve had some amazing successes in the realm of selling domain names and creating online presences.  I’ve been able to build top ranking web pages for myself and for many of my customers. I understand the ever-changing field of Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO). I study the principals regularly and I stay up with the latest changes. In fact, I was chosen by the Small Business Administration, the Small Business Development Center, and the Workforce Investment Board to build and teach their Online Marketing Courses.

In spite of this all, I’ve stayed out of selling SEO services for two reasons:

1.)    I didn’t want to be associated with spammers and liars.  Most of the ads you see that promise to place your web site at the top of Google and other search engines are just not true.  They make that same promise to millions of businesses through spam messages when they know that there are only eight to ten spaces on Google’s first page.  So how can they do that?  How can they promise thousands of plumbers that they will put them on the first page of Google?  Yet that’s often what they promise. So I didn’t want any part of that.

2.)    I didn’t want to charge people the exorbitant fees that the legitimate SEO companies charge.  It just doesn’t seem to fit a small businessperson’s budget to me.  The problem is that the legitimate SEO practitioners are super expensive and generally don’t waste their time on small businesses.  They’re only interested in large companies with huge advertising budgets.

For fun, I recently made an inquiry to one of these SEO firms.  This is how their response to me began…

Thanks for your inquiry. You need a budget of at least $3,000/mo to do any serious SEO work for your business…I wish you the best,”

The one thing all these companies have in common is that make you pay them first, before they spend any time trying to get you results.  In fact, none of them guarantees success regardless of what they charge you. Only Google knows what their true search engine ranking factors are and although good guesses can be made, Google doesn’t tell anyone their secrets.

So What’s A Small Local Businessperson To Do?

I love entrepreneurship.  I love helping small growing businesses. And this is the question I sought to answer in creating Success Guaranteed.™.  Our solution is to bring big search engine methods down to the local level and to be fair with local business advertisers.  We apply big SEO methods to small markets and it works.

And, we never work with more than three customers in any business category in any town.

We consider how real consumers find businesses today (and how they’ll find them tomorrow).  We help you to tap into those methods at reasonable rates. And we not only guarantee our results; we don’t ask you for a penny until we prove that we can perform for you.

Think about it a minute…

If you’re at home or at your office… and you’re looking for a business…

Do you really use newspapers or yellow pages any more… or do you go online to find products and services?  Think about this… What about your kids? Do they?

Think about it a minute…

When you leave your home or office… to run an errand or to go to work…

What three things do you never forget?

Your keys, your wallet, and… your mobile phone.  Isn’t that right? You don’t want to be without your mobile phone.

And, by the way, if you don’t have Smart Phone already, your next phone will be one, with Google maps, and online business directories right at your fingertips.

Our system takes advantage of this for you, along with three common sense principals:

1. We Target Your Local Online & Mobile Market

What do I mean by that?  Well, if you’re a plumber or contractor, or a restaurant or retail merchant for example… And you’re located in Cucamonga, California… Are you interested in customers from New York City?  Of course not!  And do you think that people from New York City are interested in your business?  Of course not.

What they do is they type in the word restaurant or plumber and after seeing results in towns across the United States… They go back in and add the city or town they are interested in.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

And don’t forget… As I stated earlier, your potential customers are looking for you online or on their mobile phones.  And they’re generally not wanting to look beyond page one or two to find you.  In fact, if you don’t appear on page one or two at Google, or you’re not on showing up on Google maps, you might as well be completely invisible,

So our techniques involve targeting your business category or keywords along with your town or city name and then creating or modifying your Internet presence so that your business can be found on that first page of Google when someone searches for your business category and your city name.

2. We Never Work With More Than Three Advertisers in a Business Category in Any Town

This was a big breakthrough for us.  We were so tired of seeing people being taken advantage of by spammers who took on all comers and didn’t care about the results.  We meet people every day and I met dozens of them in my classes over the years that spent money on these programs with little results to show for it.

So with our program, you can choose.  Lock up our services for your town by paying a slightly higher fee (once we succeed) or allow us to work with a few other merchants in your town if we can find them.

3. We Remove All Risk for You

Regardless of the plan you choose to hire us with, we don’t get paid unless and until we rank you at Google for your business category and your town.

Let’s compare this to other local advertising methods and practices and take a look at how this works.

Newspapers, Magazines, and Yellow Pages

How much are you spending on newspaper print advertising today? 

Newspaper ads are expensive and temporary.  You can run ads every week, spending thousands of dollars per month running coupons and specials.  But the problem is that most of your money is being spent on a temporary fix and most of it ends up in wastebaskets and trash cans today.

Jeffrey Cole, the Director of the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School, recently stated:

“The sad truth for newspapers is that every time a newspaper reader dies, he or she is not being replaced by a new reader”

That is a fact.  If your customers are under 50 years old, they are likely getting their news online.  The printed newspaper will continue to decline at a rate much quicker than you can imagine.  Think of how fast the music business has changed…

Vator News recently stated:

“The CD is dead, but paying for music is just starting to come alive.”

This trend in music is less than five years old.  It wasn’t that long ago that we were buying cassettes and CDs. Most of the physical music stores have closed down already.  And with tablet computer sales exploding, it is only a matter of time before print newspapers will be dead.  Do you want to continue investing in print newspaper advertising?

People are getting their news and coupons via their computers, tablets, and iPhones. And that information is being found on Google and the Internet.

Success Guaranteed™™ positions your company to rank on the first page of Google for your business category in your town and we do it within a month of your signing up.

Now what about Local Magazines.

Every community has several of these and many merchants like the look of color ads and coupons.  But here too, are you really getting a permanent solution? Most communities have between five and ten of these types of publications and they are delivered to their driveways or mail boxes.  The probability of your ad being seen is very remote. And these ads can range from $150 per month to $1500 per month.  If you do more than one magazine, it’s easy to spend $3000 to $4000 per month for a paper ad that ends up rotting in the sun on someone’s driveway or composting in their trash bins each month.

Success Guaranteed offers merchants a switchable online ad that can duplicate your monthly coupons every month and that you can change with a simple upload if you ever change your ad.  And you don’t need a web designer to make your changes.  You’ll receive a simple login and password where you can make your changes yourself.

The beauty of having an online presence is that even if you want to continue your print ads, you can do so and then point to your online presence where there is no limit to the size and length of your offer.  In fact, this is a great way to reduce your print costs (and if you’re a green person to save a few trees). Your beautiful color ads can be completely duplicated online.

What about Yellow Pages?

A Local Yellow Page ad can cost from $50.00 to $2500.00 dollars per month.  And $50.00 is only going to get you a bold text listing. For any kind of display ad and the slightest of colors, you are going to spend hundreds or thousands per month.

But like newspapers and magazines, customers are now getting business information and coupons through the Internet and through their mobile phones! Just put yourself in the place of your customers.  You know that they are no longer using their phone books.  They are using their mobile phones and computers to get business listings.  And they’re not going to YellowPages, SuperPages or  They’re going to Google or to Google maps.

It is more important now than ever to take your position on Google’s first page!

In fact, the longer you delay, the more you risk losing that position forever.  Listen to what search engine experts are saying. This is very common amongst SEO experts:

“Google favors older websites. Most new information online is noisy, provocative, spammy. Google knows it and accounts for it.”

Aaron Wall, Search Engine Expert

The reasons that Google and other search engines like old web sites are that as the Internet grows, there is more spam and just more “noise”.  People who establish their local web presence sooner rather than later will have an advantage in ranking.  This is actually a part of the Google’s algorithm.

You Might Be Thinking, “What About Groupon And Other Deal Web Sites?”

You can go with Groupon or Living Social. These types of sites are growing.  The growth of deal sites is being driven by the same trends that are causing our growth and the growth of local and mobile search.

But deal sites have three distinct disadvantages:

1.)    They are temporary business fixes.

2.)    You have given away your products at deep discounts.

3.)    And adding insult to injury, you often have to split what little profits you make.

Retailing expert, Jeanine Poggi, recently stated, “Groupon also could be viewed as a major profit-killer, eroding margins and simply serving as a Band-Aid for some bigger issues. Having a marketing deal with Groupon isn’t necessarily something to flaunt, because most of the time it means the retailer needed to heavily discount merchandise to move inventory. Often, it is seen as an act of desperation.”

Of course there are many other companies out there offering “Deals”.  The problem is that these are not true “group buying offers”. They are disguised as group buying offers and do not have the kind of reach that will really effect group buying volumes.  The formula is just not there.

Group buying is still a nascent area. Overall awareness is high, even if actual purchases aren’t quite commensurate just yet.

 These Are the Reasons I’ve Entered This Market!

The best and most permanent way to promote your business today is to optimize YOUR business web presence so that it appears on the first page of Google when people search for YOUR BUSINESS CATEGORY WITHIN YOUR CITY. It’s as simple as that and we know how to do this for you.

All the other methods are either too expensive, temporary, or going out of style.  By getting your business profile and information to appear on the first page of Google, you will get inquiries, calls, and visitors to your business on an ongoing basis and you won’t have to give away the shop to do it.

Compare The Costs of These Traditional (and one Modern) Advertising Methods.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages?               –              From $50.00 to $5000.00 per Month

Advertising in Newspapers?                       –              From $300.00 to $3000.00 per Month

Advertising in Local Magazines?                 –              From $150.00 to $2500.00 per Month

Advertising On Group On?                           –              Half the Profit on a Bunch of Low Profit Sales

Our Pricing:


Exclusive Package

Shared Package

Value Package

# Merchants Per Category /Town

We work only with one merchant (you) in your city.

We will work with no more than two merchants in your city.

We will work with no more than three merchants in your city.

All packages are first come first served.
If you choose Exclusive, we will not solicit any more merchants
in your category within your city.

Google Optimization




Google Places Listing




YellowClick Listing




Online Directory Listings




YouTube Channel




Video Montage




One-time fee




Monthly fee





– We do not charge you a penny unless and until we get your business on page one of Google for your most important key phrase in less than a month (We do validate your credit card just to make sure it is good but there are no charges until we succeed).

– We will send you a monthly report with a screen shot of your ranking at Google.

– If we can’t retain your ranking monthly you don’t pay until we get your rank back.

– Plans are first-come-first-served.  If you purchase the shared package, then we can still solicit one merchant in your category in your town.  If you purchase the exclusive package, we can’t.  You’ve locked down our services for your category within your town. We will not work with another merchant within your category there.

At Success Guaranteed, we never work with more than three businesses in a category in any town. In fact, with our Exclusive Category Package, you can lock out all your competition within your city.  We’ll work only with you.

Bottom Line: We get results before you give us a single penny.


Why do I need you guys?  My business is already being shown on the first page of Google.

There’s an important distinction to make about how you rank at Google.  Let’s use the category, of “plumbers” as an example.  If your business name is “John Doe Plumbers” and you’re located in Sacramento, California, you will almost always rank on the first page when someone types in “john doe plumbers Sacramento” at Google.  This is because Google is very good at finding and indexing web pages that are relevant to searches made.  This almost always happens automatically within weeks of putting up a web site. But it is not really a huge benefit to you because when someone types in “john doe plumbers Sacramento” they already know your business name & location. In other words, this will not attract new customers which are the life and survival of any business.

You need to rank on the first when someone just types in “plumbers in Sacramento” generically.  That will help your business to grow.

What if I want to be on the first page for other cities nearby?

We can do it. 

We give you a 10% discount each  for two cities, a 20% discount each for three cities, and a 30% discount each for four or more cities.  However, we will only work on one city per month and subsequent city start up fees are billed in advance (with money back guarantees – If we don’t rank you for the category/city keywords within 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund).

Package               1 City                     2 Cities                  3 Cities                  4 Cities or more

Discount                                              10% each             20% each             30% each

Exclusive              $999/$99/mo     $899/$89 mo      $799/$79/mo     $699/$69/mo

Shared                  $799/$79/mo     $719/$71 mo      $639/$63/mo     $559/$55/mo    

Value                    $599/$59/mo     $539/$53/mo     $479/$47/mo     $419/$41/mo

 What if I don’t have a website? Can I still use your service?

YES! That is not a problem.  Sadly for me (as a web design company owner for the past 10 years) I’ve come to realize that many local businesses don’t have to have a website.  What they do need however is a “First  Page Google Search Presence”.  We do that for you.  We will build you a self managed web page that will include a video montage that we’ll build for you (If you have your own video or want to produce your own, we can use that as well).  It will include all your contact information, a full description of your business, pictures of your business and products if you wish.  Your hours, what credit cards you accept, a map to your business, and any other benefits you wish to add.  This is your web page and you can manage it any way you wish.  You’ll have a log in and can make changes and additions as you wish. It is built on our special, platform and utilizes all the important search techniques that we know to make sure you rank and continue to rank.

What if I want my own website name and email address?

For an extra $10.00 per month, we’ll even give you a custom web address and custom email address such as “” and “”.

Do you offer general search engine optimization services (SEO)

Not at this time.  We specialize in category / city search optimization for small businesses and we have it down to a science.  We certainly understand SEO generally, but we believe that there is a significant need in the area of category / city search for small businesses and want to focus on that for now.

What is a “First Page Google Search Presence”

A First Page Google Search Presence means that when someone searches for your business category and your city name that you business appears in the results of that search.  This appearance may be any number of things.  It can be your 1.) existing web site, 2.) a Google Places Page, 3.) a Youtube Video page that lists your company name and contact information along with it, or 4.) a directory listing that we create for you.  The main features are that your business appears on the first page of a search at Google for your business category and city name and that within one click, searchers will be able to see information about your business and find your contact information.