How Google Works

Matt Cutts of Google recently posted a video outlining how Google indexes content and chooses what to display in their search engine results pages.

He points out that their goal is to find reputable documents that contain the words being searched especially if the words are proximate (close to each other).

They also use the anchor text in existing inbound links as a help. The idea is to get others to link to your web site from theirs.  He also pointed out that they now index the Internet very regularly so it is easy to conclude that currency (regularly updated and relevant content) is very important to Google.

I think the video is a remarkably frank and open explanation and that anyone interested in how search engines work will benefit by watching it. It’s also the stuff we’ve been teaching for years.

There is a lot to learn about ranking well in search engines but the bottom line is that you must create compelling content that contains the keywords people would use to search for your products, services, or idea.  By doing this, others will want to link to you and your site’s desirability (and search engine rankings) will increase.  I hope you enjoy it…

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Protected: Succeeding Online Audio

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Chiropractic Marketing

After a recent workshop I had a conversation with one of our participants, Dr. Kevin Mangum, DC. He recently graduated and pointed out to me that a lot of new chiropractic physicians have been well trained in chiropractic care but really need help in the business and marketing aspects of what they are doing.

He talked me into posting one of my audios here. I’m happy to share it with any referral from Dr. Mangum. You’ll need a password supplied from Dr. Mangum’s site.

If you were referred from Dr. Mangum, you can access the Succeeding Online audio here. Or just fill in the form below and I’ll email you the password.

Chiropractic Marketing - Succeeding Online Audio

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in business and marketing assistance. You can request a phone meeting time below. I don’t list my schedule online but I will confirm all requests for phone availability.

Joe Martinico
P: +1 (951) 313-7200 | F: +1 (909) 606 9275 |
Joe Martinico Enterprises | 15942 Los Serranos CC Drive | Unit D230 | Chino Hills, CA 91709

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate and earn revenue on some of the services I recommend but I don’t recommend things unless I’m convinced they will help my friends/clients.

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Getting Marketing Right – 3M and Command Picture Hanging Hooks

I saw a commercial last night about 3M’s Command Brand picture hanging hooks and strips.  It was one of the times that a brand got marketing right, starting with the domain name, “”. So often you see marketers create products and product names without considering whether a domain name is available to match.  What a mistake! Well, they didn’t do that.  The product and brand name, Command is matched by the website, The domain passes my six point domain name test:

  1.     It’s Short.
  2.     It’s Easy To Spell
  3.     It Contains No numbers
  4.     It Contains No tricks (4U or 2U, etc.)
  5.     It’s Memorable
  6.     It Ends With .com

And it just begins there.  3M got everything right. When you go to their web site, it:

  1. Has a Great Unique Sales Proposition (USP). The question is “Why us? (It’s 3M!).
  2. Is Business Channel Appropriate.
  3. Is a Clean Site.
  4. Is Easy-To-Navigate.
  5. Contains a Site Map (All Products Page With Categories).
  6. Uses Good “Searchandizing.”
  7. Has Professional Product Images.
  8. Has Professional People Images.
  9. Is Professionally-Written Product Information (Good Copy Content).
  10. Shows You Where You Can Buy The Products (Since 3M Is Not A Retail Company).
  11. Has a Prominent Email List Sign-Up Form (Proper Follow-Up-Marketing).
  12. Uses Promotions And Coupons With Expiration Dates (Why You Should Buy Now).
  13. Has Matching Social Network Profiles (To Build Audience).
  14. Uses Video.
  15. Has A Mobile-Friendly Site.
  16. Contains an About Us Page (3M Missed This One – Maybe Because They’re B2B).
  17. Has Terms, Contact Us, Faqs, And Privacy Policy Pages.
  18. Offers Their Own Easy-To-Use Product Review Capability.

I am going to create a series of posts analyzing and teaching on each of these topics over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

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Major Shift in Online Video Viewership Will Start With the Superbowl 2012

For the first time in 49 years, the Superbowl is to be streamed live on the Internet. I don’t think we can underestimate the power of this shift. The Superbowl has made kingdoms of fiefdoms and this is a bellwether shift in how media is delivered to the public.

As recently stated,

” 2012 represents the perfect storm of opportunity for the addressable video marketplace.”

That is because of the elections, the Olympics, the Superbowl, and the fastest broadband available in history. It is a perfect storm. I reported earlier how Google recently invested $100 million dollars in to create more quality channels. In addition to that, an entire generation of consumers between the ages of 15 and 54 are well versed in how to view video online. Televisions are beginning to converge with Internet connections. There are many more reasons.

The bottom line is that, from a marketing perspective, you’d better be embracing video right now. The Superbowl on the Internet is a game changer.

Read the story… | Source: Venture Beat | Date posted: 1/19/2012

Read the story… | Source: Videology Group | Date posted: 1/19/2012

Insider’s Advice About What You Should Do Next

Note: The following is for our Insider Club and Website Coach Club. Insider’s Advice that comes next has a condensed list of actions that, if followed exactly, will pay you dividends for the next five years…
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Google Plus – Important to Search

Or less depending on your perspective.

Danny Sullivan, a search engine expert, wrote an important post today that showed the importance of having a Google Plus account.  In it, he wrote:

“Is there anyone out there who still wants to say that being on Google+ doesn’t matter? Anyone? Because when being on Google+ means that you potentially can have your Google+ page leap to the top in those sidebar results, Google+ matters. It matters more than ever before.”

Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook and has become a major social network over the past year due to Google’s influence and some new style features such as Google Plus Circles which can help you to segregate your social networks a little more neatly than Facebook does.

But I only fell upon Danny’s article after reading another one that condemned Google’s brand new practice of showing…
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Journalists Find Opportunities in Marketing Automation

sales-journalismI read two stories today, one of boom and one of gloom, that highlighted how journalists may have a role to play in the new marketing paradigm of content management as part of a company’s sales strategy. The first one was a success story about how one company hired a journalist to manage their content strategy…

Hire A Journalist! (We did, and here’s what we learned)

Some anniversaries are worth celebrating more than others. For this one, I eagerly pop open the Champagne!

I am celebrating the one-year anniversary of a very special employee, Jesse Noyes, our corporate reporter. Jesse is the real deal – a card-carrying journalist with credentials that include The Boston Herald and Boston Business Journal. One year ago, we hired Jesse and I want to celebrate by sharing with you what we’ve learned…

Read the story… | Source: | Date posted: 12/20/2011

When I read this, I got excited because I’ve read a lot over the past three years about journalists out of work. In fact, I just ran across this headline today…

Newspaper Job Cuts Surged 30% In 2011

The number of jobs eliminated in the newspaper industry rose by nearly 30% in 2011 from the prior year, according to the blog that has been tracking the human toll on the industry for the last five years.

Meanwhile, a separate analysis confirms what most of us already suspected: The proportion of cutbacks was higher in newsrooms than it was for the industry as a whole – twice as high by the calculations I will share in a moment.

Read the story… | Source: Newsosaur | Date posted: 12/20/2011

How ironic. A glimmer of hope amidst a sea of despair… but only for those journalists who aren’t blind to that glimmer. Here’s the point…

Marketing is changing. People are tired of the same old sales tricks. They don’t want to be sold but they do want to buy. The new marketing paradigm is to be the advocate and the informer. Rather than bombarding prospects with sales calls, we should be the ones who educate them and who give them the real information they need to make the right decision. If we can play that role, we’ll be rewarded with their business.

So what are you talking about Joe??? What does this have to do with journalists?

Journalists have always been the people’s advocate (at least that is what they are supposed to be). That’s why our founding fathers wrote “freedom of the press” into the First Amendment. So while stodgy newspapers may be laying off journalists (not all newspapers are stodgy; some of them are embracing new media :-)… Good journalists and writers are finding work in the corporate world and especially amongst companies who practice good marketing automation.

Customers are starving for good information so rather than bombarding them with sales offers, start to bombard them with good information on the ideas and goals they are pursuing that have anything to do with your industry or product. When I meet with customers today the first question I ask myself is “How can I help them?” or “What can I do to make them glad they met with me?” This is a lot different than thinking “How can I make this sale?”

A good journalist can help you to write your sales letters and more importantly, your autoresponder sequences. A good journalist has the mindset to become a curator of information that is valuable to your clients.  I think that clients will reward the companies that provide them with the best information and products.

I love this idea and I don’t think journalism is dead. In fact it is more important today than ever before.

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A New Paradigm for Succeeding Online

For the past six years, I’ve been teaching small businesses the principals of “Succeeding Online” for the Inland Empire Small Business Development Centers.  The class hasn’t changed much.  It consists of three modules:

  • Nuts and Bolts – The basics of putting online
  • Accepting Payment Online – A summary or “what-you-need-to-know” about accepting credit cards online.
  • How to Be Found Online – An overview about search engines, search engine optimization, and helping customers to find you more easily online.

Although the class is always well received and relevant, I’ve concluded that it needs a revamp and will be doing it differently in 2012.  New tools have come available since I developed this class are making some parts unnecessary.  At the same time, the abundance of tools has made the Internet even more daunting to master!

The first change is that I am now clearly in the camp of using WordPress as the platform for success online.  This open source website / blog platform has grown from a small project in 2003 to being the platform of choice for over 14% of the Internet today.  According to WordPress, there are 69 million websites built on their platform as of this writing.  Look at some of the sites using WordPress today:

Big Sites using WordPress

These are successful, professional organizations powered by a free, open source platform that is available to anyone who wants to use it.  That’s a pretty good record.

There are many reasons it has become popular:

  • It’s free
  • It’s flexible
  • It can be used as both a blog and/or a website
  • Thousands of developers have built “themes” for it (templates for the look of the site)
  • Thousands of developers have built “plugins” for it (turn-key functionalities such as shopping carts, mailing list management programs, forums, and more)
  • It’s pretty easy to set up
  • Developers have embraced it, improved it, and offer support for it

So, my “Nuts and Bolts” section is going teach…
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Newspaper Ad Sales Head To New Low: $24B

Newspaper advertising sales this year will come in at less than half the record $49.4 billion achieved as recently in 2005, according to an analysis of the year-to-date performance of the industry.

With industry revenues declining in each of the first three quarters of this year, publishers are unlikely to surpass a collective $24 billion in revenues for 2010…

Joe’s Analysis & Comments…

Well, this is not news any more. (Print) newspaper advertising has been in decline for many years. This is just a new benchmark. I feel bad for journalists, but not too bad. And I say that because they have nothing to be sad or to complain about. Advertising dollars are not going away, they are just migrating to new places. And good journalists and newspaper men have just as much to celebrate if they stop complaining and start thinking.

Here’s my point. It’s obvious, where all the ad dollars are going. They are moving away from print and towards online. It just makes sense. Online advertising is more effective, costs less, and is good for the environment. There’s less friction, less gas used, and more trees saved. I’m being a little cheeky here but my point is that online advertising just makes sense.

So here’s the dig and the opportunity for newspapermen and journalists…

While print advertising dollars are moving away from newspapers, television advertising dollars are doing the same; moving from cable and news networks to online video platforms like Youtube and yes… Newspaper web sites (that know how to do it).

Newsmen can regain the money they are losing in print by migrating to web video & monetizing search platforms. There is much more ad money coming to the web from television networks & cable than is moving away from print media… Way more.

Earlier this year, Business Insider Editor, Dan Frommer posted a chart about how Google is spending $100 million dollars to improve Youtube and why.

Television vs. Youtube - A great opportunity for newspapers exists right now!

Television vs. Youtube - A great opportunity for newspapers exists right now!

The delta between traditional TV and everything else is huge but this will change very quickly.  The writing is on the wall; the next generation is not watching television (or getting news) the same way you and I grew up getting it. They are getting news when they want it and where they want it (Internet-connected TVs, the web, tablets, or mobile phones). And the news people who are preparing for this new world now will win the dollars that are migrating from television to online media (newspaper websites included).

Newspapers need to understand the Internet and video and need to exploit it now rather then trying to protect their horses and buggies. They need to understand search engines. They need to understand how Google indexes news and they need to learn how to be part of the action.

Read the story… | Source: Newsosaur | Date posted: 12/6/2011

Read the story… | Source: Business Insider | Date posted: 12/6/2011

Editor’s Note: Joe Martinico Enterprises offers consulting for newspapers. We can show you how to get your content listed regularly on Google. In essence, we can teach newspapers how to expand the scope and reach of their news in search engines and social networks. We also teach how to create new advertising products that get results for your advertisers.

If you would like to find out how to do this, contact us. It’s cheap compared to the benefits and new revenues that will last for years to come. 

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U.S. Online Holiday Spending – $20 Billion for First 34 Days of Shopping Season…

Up 15 Percent vs. Last Year…

Weekly Online Holiday Retail Sales

2011-holiday-sales-onlineSpending Growth Strongest in Mid and Upper Income Segments, Driven by Increase in Dollars Spent per Buyer, while Lower Income Households are Seeing an Increase in Online Buyers

RESTON, VA, December 6, 2011 – comScore (NASDAQ : SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the first 34 days of the November – December 2011 holiday season. For the holiday season-to-date, nearly $20 billion has been spent online, marking a 15-percent increase versus the corresponding days last year. The most recent week saw three individual days eclipse $1 billion in spending, led by Cyber Monday, which became the heaviest online spending day on record at $1.25 billion. Tuesday, November 29 reached $1.12 billion, while Wednesday, November 30 reached $1.03 billion. Growth softened somewhat during the latter part of the workweek, but strengthened over the weekend (Dec. 3-4) to 17 percent.

Holiday Season Gains Driven by Increased Spending per Buyer in Mid and Upper Income Segments

“This most recent week of online holiday shopping, known as ‘Cyber Week,’ reached record spending levels as three individual days surpassed the billion dollar threshold,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. “We are now entering the portion of the season when online retailers typically reduce their promotional activity as they attempt to restore their margins, which can sometimes contribute to temporary softness in spending growth rates. However, this will likely be immediately followed with an acceleration in the spending rate as we approach the middle of December, which is sure to bring us several more billion dollar online spending days.”

comScore analyzed consumer spending patterns for the holiday season-to-date to understand which particular factors are driving the strong growth rates of 15 percent. The strongest overall spending gains have been driven by the mid-income segment (households earning $50,000-$99,999) at 19 percent, while spending among upper-income households ($100,000 and higher) is growing at a rate of 16 percent. Lower-income households (Under $50,000) are seeing a more modest increase of 9 percent.

In a departure from the past couple of years when the growth in number of buyers was the predominant driver of online spending growth, the majority of this year’s gains are being driven by an increase in spending per buyer. In fact, the number of buyers overall has increased just 3 percent compared to a 12-percent increase in dollars per buyer.

Analysis of the trends by household income revealed some differences by income segment. While mid- and upper-income households’ spending growth has been predominantly driven by an increase in dollars per buyer, lower income households’ spending rates have remained essentially flat while showing an increase in the number of buyers.

2011-holidays-online3“We have seen some indications that mid- income Americans might be experiencing ‘austerity fatigue,'” added Mr. Fulgoni. “After spending the last couple of years increasing their personal savings in an effort to get their finances in order, some appear to have decided they are done pinching pennies and are increasing their spending by taking advantage of the many promotions and price discounts that online retailers have been offering in the first half of the holiday shopping season. The appeal of lower prices that can be found on the Internet is also undoubtedly a driver of the acceleration of the shift from in-store buying to e-commerce that we are witnessing among all income segments this season.”

About comScore
comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics. For more information, please visit

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