Handy Websites

  • Full Circle Selling – A work in progress offering ideas for sales and business persons about merging the best of traditional sales systems with new media.
  • Succeeding Online – An online resource site that accompanies our Succeeding Online Workshop.
  • International Association of Speakers Bureaus – If you are a speaker, this site contains a directory of speakers bureaus who book speakers internationally.

Tools I can’t live (online) without…

  • Enounce – Enounce is software that allows you to speed up video and audio programs.  With the number of programs I watch and listen too, it comes in very handy.
  • Roboform – I can’t last five minutes online without Roboform.  It remembers all your passwords.  I use it constantly when I’m online.
  • Textpad – This is another program I use every day.  If you are marketing effectively, you need tools to write and organize information.  This program helps you to do that and opens up in seconds.  It is one of my favorite programs.  I also use it with Excel to organize and sort lists.  It does not hold images.