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3M Getting It Right

I saw a commercial last night about 3M’s Command Brand picture hanging hooks and strips.  It was one of the times that a brand got marketing right, starting with the domain name, “”. So often you see marketers create products … Continue reading

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Amway – $13B – Avon $12B in Sales. Is MLM/Direct Sales a Good Thing?

There has been some controversy in the last year about the direct selling model in business. I have friends who won’t even consider a product sold through this method. The industry suffers bruising on a regular basis. In some ways, … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Paid Membership Site

Do you want to have your own membership site like mine? Well, it’s not that difficult. 1. Set up a WordPress blog and order the Wishlist Membership Plugin. You will have to go through their many tutorials to set it … Continue reading

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Are You Coach-able or Cynical; a Key to Success

I keep finding situations where my cynicism gets in the way of success.  I also see it in many people I know.  Sure, there is something to be said about suspicion; people are taken advantage of every day.  But there … Continue reading

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U.S. Online Holiday Spending – $20 Billion for First 34 Days of Shopping Season…

Up 15 Percent vs. Last Year… Weekly Online Holiday Retail Sales Spending Growth Strongest in Mid and Upper Income Segments, Driven by Increase in Dollars Spent per Buyer, while Lower Income Households are Seeing an Increase in Online Buyers RESTON, … Continue reading

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Privacy Is Still Important

I’ve often been discouraged by the attitudes towards privacy of some very successful online entrepreneurs. Some years ago, Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems famously stated “Privacy is dead. Get over it.” If you can believe the movies, the founder … Continue reading

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Coming Soon – Instant-On Laptops With Google OS (Chrome Books)

Update: 2012-11-01  – I just bought my first Apple MacBookPro.  Duh… I’ve blown it by not buying one of these years ago.  They are instant on already.  Why did I not listen to my own son for so many years.  … Continue reading

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Amazing Way to Experience an Important Event: Microsoft’s PhotoSynth

Technology Makes A Few Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words – I found an truly amazing technology web site run by Microsoft called  It takes a series of uploaded photographs and stitches and merges them together in such … Continue reading

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