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Major Shift in Online Video Viewership Will Start With the Superbowl 2012

For the first time in 49 years, the Superbowl is to be streamed live on the Internet. I don’t think we can underestimate the power of this shift. The Superbowl has made kingdoms of fiefdoms and this is a bellwether … Continue reading

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Google Plus – Important to Search

Or less depending on your perspective. Danny Sullivan, a search engine expert, wrote an important post today that showed the importance of having a Google Plus account.  In it, he wrote: “Is there anyone out there who still wants to … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Paid Membership Site

Do you want to have your own membership site like mine? Well, it’s not that difficult. 1. Set up a WordPress blog and order the Wishlist Membership Plugin. You will have to go through their many tutorials to set it … Continue reading

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Journalists Find Opportunities in Marketing Automation

I read two stories today, one of boom and one of gloom, that highlighted how journalists may have a role to play in the new marketing paradigm of content management as part of a company’s sales strategy. The first one … Continue reading

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The Right Way(s) to Add Video to Your Posts in WordPress

There are two ways to add video in your WordPress blog: Your Own Video Plugin Both have unique advantages that I’d like to discuss here. When to Use Youtube is owned by Google. Video is hotter than ever … Continue reading

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Amazing Free Lead Development Resources

How would you like to be able to develop a list of every company or prospect within your area and instantly get names, addresses, phone numbers, and top executive email addresses in less than 15 minutes? Well you can and … Continue reading

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Google Now Owns 44% of Online Advertising

Google is becoming amazingly strong in so many categories. Just in the past week, I’ve read two articles that demonstrate their power. One points out that Google now commands over 44% of the Global Online Advertising Market and another showing … Continue reading

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Are You Coach-able or Cynical; a Key to Success

I keep finding situations where my cynicism gets in the way of success.  I also see it in many people I know.  Sure, there is something to be said about suspicion; people are taken advantage of every day.  But there … Continue reading

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Newspaper Ad Sales Head To New Low: $24B

Newspaper advertising sales this year will come in at less than half the record $49.4 billion achieved as recently in 2005, according to an analysis of the year-to-date performance of the industry. With industry revenues declining in each of the … Continue reading

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U.S. Online Holiday Spending – $20 Billion for First 34 Days of Shopping Season…

Up 15 Percent vs. Last Year… Weekly Online Holiday Retail Sales Spending Growth Strongest in Mid and Upper Income Segments, Driven by Increase in Dollars Spent per Buyer, while Lower Income Households are Seeing an Increase in Online Buyers RESTON, … Continue reading

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