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Joe Martinico has been training entrepreneurs with his Succeeding Online workshop since 2004. He has trained and mentored hundreds of successful entrepreneurs on how to build businesses online or to grow their existing businesses using the Internet.

He has spoken at/for the

* Carol Owens Community Center
* Cerritos College
* City of Chino Hills
* City of Corona Business Assistance Program
* Direct Marketing Association
* Inland Empire Small Business Development Center
* Inland Empire Women’s Business Center
* Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)
* LA Computer Fair Educational Seminars
* Long Beach Small Business Development Center
* Marketing Fest
* Murrietta Chamber of Commerce
* Orange County Small Business Development Center
* Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce
* San Bernardino County ICT Forum & Advisory Panel
* Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Board (SELACO)
* Targeted Traffic Conference
* Temecula Chamber of Commerce
* Thrive & Kick it Into Overdrive Conference
* Victorville Chamber of Commerce
* Work Force Investment Board
* Work-at-Home Business Expo
* Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Martinico offers high-energy online marketing workshops for business groups in Southern California. Workshop Information

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Some Words From Joe…

Migrating from a traditional and successful direct sales career to a new media business has given me the chance, to deal with everyday consumers as well as to do business with multi-national corporations. It’s given me a broad spectrum of knowledge and taught me something that is very important…

No matter what you sell and to whom, you are always dealing with people and people haven’t changed much over thousands of years.

Now I’d like to share what I’ve learned with others. I’ve been teaching Succeeding Online for the SBA and the Small Business Development Centers for several years. Our workshop participants have given us great reviews. Now I am going to be teaching businesspeople how to merge the best of the classic sales techniques I’ve used all through my career with the best of what’s available through technology today.

So on this blog is my membership site and where I share overviews and ideas on business and the world.

SucceedingOnline.com is where I share links to resources for success on the web,

MarketingAutomation.com is where I share the latest on automating your sales and business. This is a hugely important part of growing a small business into a large one because, if done properly, it will extend your time and resources.

And FullCircleSelling.com is where I share information about merging the best of traditional sales and new ecommerce and marketing tools.  The idea of Full Circle Selling is to help those younger businesspeople who grew up around the web and who may be missing opportunities because they’ve not been exposed to classic sales technique and strategy.  But at the same time, there are a lot of successful businesspeople who’ve not figured out how to use the web and other modern marketing marvels to their best advantage.  This is where Full Circle Selling can fill a void.

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Hi Joe

Just wanted to touch base with you about last weeks presentation. I learned a lot about online marketing and different websites to go on to help my business be found… I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and information with all of us. It really was an eye opener.

Thank You,

Crystal D.,
Office Manager

Dale Bright’s Auto Service