Yahoo is the Best Free Email Product

I feel very excited today.  I’ve been teaching Succeeding Online several times each year for the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center. In each of those classes, I suggest that the best (free) email service is Yahoo’s.  Of course there are small debates that follow such as “Gmail is better,” etc.

My argument is that Yahoo is still the only large scale free email provider that allows users to create true aliases.  In other words, Yahoo is unselfish enough to allow you to receive and more importantly, to send emails from your own domain!  You can register a domain name for your own business and then every time you send out an email, it appears to come from YOUR business rather than Google (gmail) or AOL, or Earthlink, or Hotmail. Every one of these other providers only allows this service in their paid email offers. So, for free email providers, Yahoo is best!

By the way, unless you own stock in AOL, Earthlink, Google, or Microsoft, there is no reason for you to be sending emails from their domain name.  An email sent is an advertisement of whatever domain it is sent from (joemartinico@HOTMAIL.COM). So I consider it somewhat selfish when a free email provider (who is serving up paid advertisements) also won’t allow you to use your own business or personal domain name to send email.  Gmail allows you to create aliases but when you send an email from your alias it arrives like this:

From: on behalf of Joe Martinico

That’s not the same as an email coming from  It takes away from your professional image and ranks you with the other minor league players who “can’t afford a real domain and email address.”

Anyway, I’ve digressed; I subscribe to an email newsletter called the S & A Digest and today I learned from it that Steve Jobs also considered Yahoo the best email available.  In his keynote speech, introducing the iPad, Steve Jobs specifically mentioned Yahoo Mail as the best e-mail app.

Great minds think alike 🙂

P.S. The report also mentioned a prediction that Apple would buy Yahoo some time this year. That would sure be something.

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