Search Engine Infographic Shows Changing Face of Search

SEO - PPC InfographicWordstream, a growing search consultancy, has created a very handy infographic about the powerful and important changes occurring in the search market. The infographic points out the growing strength of using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising over Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s interesting to note that, above the fold in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), only 14.8% of the page is made up of SEO results. Almost 85% of the information above the fold on Google SERPs now consists of paid advertisements including PPC and other of their paid ad formats. That’s an important realization and needs to be considered in any marketing plan today since Google is the dominant search player.

I’ve been an SEO advocate for many years because I believe that a system for SEO can still be easily learned and effective for small businesses. But I’m becoming convinced that a balanced approach is now more effective if you have at lease a small budget. You need to begin studying how to control your PPC ad budget and how to create compelling ads in Google’s (and other search engine’s) paid ad programs. PPC can be learned but costs can easily spiral out of control for new practitioners. I’d suggest reading Perry Marshall’s book, “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” or taking one of his basic courses as a start. He has several books and training products that start at $49.00 and, in my opinion, are second to none.

For a quick graphic view of the changing landscape of search marketing enjoy Wordstream’s infographic.

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