Re-Using Paper Rather Than Recycling

I love new ideas. This one is really interesting and quite revolutionary in it’s own way. Toshiba is developing a technology that erases printed copy from paper and allows it to be reused to print something else on the same paper. It uses a special ink toner that is stable under normal circumstances but that can be erased at a high temperature. I suppose you won’t want to leave copies made this way on your car dashboard. But when you consider the mountains of paper and unused copies being shredded and recycled every day in the corporate world, it’s easy to see the benefit of re-using rather than recycling.

It’s also interesting to note that sending old paper to be recycled is likely to take up much more energy than just running it through an “electronic eraser” to be reused. It’s likely to reduce costs and energy consumption overall.

I like it. I hope you enjoy the video.

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