Ninety Percent of 18 to 29 Year-Olds Sleep Near Their Phones issued an interesting infographic on a study of our behavior with smartphones and found that the large majority of 18 to 29 year-olds sleep near (or with) their smartphones.  The infographic points out that this probably isn’t a good trend and that people are getting less sleep.  It goes to my point that our phones are becoming somewhat of an “exo-brain”, required for us to function to our full capacity (not that I think this is a good thing either; just seems to be a fact).

The take-away for marketers is that we need to be doing things that make our websites easier to access via smartphones.  Our Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin presences are taken care of. But what about our company and business websites?  What about our landing pages and email messages?  Have you looked at how they look on an iPhone or Samsung phone?

Consider it.

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