Major Shift in Online Video Viewership Will Start With the Superbowl 2012

For the first time in 49 years, the Superbowl is to be streamed live on the Internet. I don’t think we can underestimate the power of this shift. The Superbowl has made kingdoms of fiefdoms and this is a bellwether shift in how media is delivered to the public.

As recently stated,

” 2012 represents the perfect storm of opportunity for the addressable video marketplace.”

That is because of the elections, the Olympics, the Superbowl, and the fastest broadband available in history. It is a perfect storm. I reported earlier how Google recently invested $100 million dollars in to create more quality channels. In addition to that, an entire generation of consumers between the ages of 15 and 54 are well versed in how to view video online. Televisions are beginning to converge with Internet connections. There are many more reasons.

The bottom line is that, from a marketing perspective, you’d better be embracing video right now. The Superbowl on the Internet is a game changer.

Read the story… | Source: Venture Beat | Date posted: 1/19/2012

Read the story… | Source: Videology Group | Date posted: 1/19/2012

Insider’s Advice About What You Should Do Next

Note: The following is for our Insider Club and Website Coach Club. Insider’s Advice that comes next has a condensed list of actions that, if followed exactly, will pay you dividends for the next five years…

[private_Insider Club][private_Website Coach Club]
1.) Go to as soon as possible and create your free channel.
2.) Reserve a user name that matches your business, interest, or personal name before someone else does.
3.) Create a free video at either or at, upload it to and embed it into your website.
4.) Make sure that you fill in all the blanks at while you upload the video. Include a description that starts off with your company name and URL. Fill in all the relevant keywords for your business (or better for the specific page on your site that you are referencing in the URL). Fill in the tags field with keywords too and add in a keyword rich description.
5.) Finally, open an account at, set up accounts with five or six of the most popular video distribution sites listed and distribute the video to them as well. [/private_Insider Club][/private_Website Coach Club]

Note: If followed exactly, this will take up about four hours (assuming you are starting from scratch) but will pay you dividends for the next five years because once you understand the process it will only take you minutes to repeat it for products across your product line. These actions are all easy for anyone who can read and follow directions. Once you learn how to do this, you’ll be able to do it over and over again with little effort

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