How Google Works

Matt Cutts of Google recently posted a video outlining how Google indexes content and chooses what to display in their search engine results pages.

He points out that their goal is to find reputable documents that contain the words being searched especially if the words are proximate (close to each other).

They also use the anchor text in existing inbound links as a help. The idea is to get others to link to your web site from theirs.  He also pointed out that they now index the Internet very regularly so it is easy to conclude that currency (regularly updated and relevant content) is very important to Google.

I think the video is a remarkably frank and open explanation and that anyone interested in how search engines work will benefit by watching it. It’s also the stuff we’ve been teaching for years.

There is a lot to learn about ranking well in search engines but the bottom line is that you must create compelling content that contains the keywords people would use to search for your products, services, or idea.  By doing this, others will want to link to you and your site’s desirability (and search engine rankings) will increase.  I hope you enjoy it…

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