Getting Marketing Right – 3M and Command Picture Hanging Hooks

I saw a commercial last night about 3M’s Command Brand picture hanging hooks and strips.  It was one of the times that a brand got marketing right, starting with the domain name, “”. So often you see marketers create products and product names without considering whether a domain name is available to match.  What a mistake! Well, they didn’t do that.  The product and brand name, Command is matched by the website, The domain passes my six point domain name test:

  1.     It’s Short.
  2.     It’s Easy To Spell
  3.     It Contains No numbers
  4.     It Contains No tricks (4U or 2U, etc.)
  5.     It’s Memorable
  6.     It Ends With .com

And it just begins there.  3M got everything right. When you go to their web site, it:

  1. Has a Great Unique Sales Proposition (USP). The question is “Why us? (It’s 3M!).
  2. Is Business Channel Appropriate.
  3. Is a Clean Site.
  4. Is Easy-To-Navigate.
  5. Contains a Site Map (All Products Page With Categories).
  6. Uses Good “Searchandizing.”
  7. Has Professional Product Images.
  8. Has Professional People Images.
  9. Is Professionally-Written Product Information (Good Copy Content).
  10. Shows You Where You Can Buy The Products (Since 3M Is Not A Retail Company).
  11. Has a Prominent Email List Sign-Up Form (Proper Follow-Up-Marketing).
  12. Uses Promotions And Coupons With Expiration Dates (Why You Should Buy Now).
  13. Has Matching Social Network Profiles (To Build Audience).
  14. Uses Video.
  15. Has A Mobile-Friendly Site.
  16. Contains an About Us Page (3M Missed This One – Maybe Because They’re B2B).
  17. Has Terms, Contact Us, Faqs, And Privacy Policy Pages.
  18. Offers Their Own Easy-To-Use Product Review Capability.

I am going to create a series of posts analyzing and teaching on each of these topics over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

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