WordPress Tip; How to Avoid Duplicate Content

SEO has all kinds of rules and most people don’t know them because Google isn’t saying… Or at least they are not always clear. After all, they don’t want people gaming their search engine and they want to deliver quality content. But they do have some rules that are generally understood. One of those is that they don’t like exact copies or “duplicate content”. In the most heinous cases, this occurs when thieves copy other people’s content and post it on their web sites. But more often, duplicate content is an accidental result of the way WordPress works.Wordpress Excerpts - Avoiding duplicate content

In the Settings>>>Reading Tab of WordPress’s controls there is a choice to set your latest post as your home or “Front” page. When you do this, your latest 10 or so posts become your home page. But they also each have their own independent article page. The result is duplicate content. You have the full article on your Front Page as well as in the dedicated post page (which is eventually archived automatically by WordPress)…..

So, a good way to solve this is to use the "<!--more-->" tag. The way this works is that after you complete writing your post, you choose a point within the article to insert this tag. The result (in most cases; some WordPress versions may give you a little trouble or require a variant) is that the article will be cut off on your Front Page where you insert the tag and display “Continue reading—>”. When your readers click on that link they will be taken to the full text of your post or article on the dedicated post page.

A few tips:

  • First, make sure to click HTML tab before you enter this tag. It won’t work if you use it while in Visual mode.
  • Also, it looks a little nicer with a few touches:
  • Add a simple ellipses… at the end of the word before the more tag and
  • Enter it with a new line tag as well like this…
"<br /><!--more-->"  (don't use the quotes).

The result should then show an ellipses… a new line, and say “Continue reading–>”. It looks nicer and you avoid duplicate content on your WordPress site.

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