Newspaper Ad Sales Head To New Low: $24B

Newspaper advertising sales this year will come in at less than half the record $49.4 billion achieved as recently in 2005, according to an analysis of the year-to-date performance of the industry.

With industry revenues declining in each of the first three quarters of this year, publishers are unlikely to surpass a collective $24 billion in revenues for 2010…

Joe’s Analysis & Comments…

Well, this is not news any more. (Print) newspaper advertising has been in decline for many years. This is just a new benchmark. I feel bad for journalists, but not too bad. And I say that because they have nothing to be sad or to complain about. Advertising dollars are not going away, they are just migrating to new places. And good journalists and newspaper men have just as much to celebrate if they stop complaining and start thinking.

Here’s my point. It’s obvious, where all the ad dollars are going. They are moving away from print and towards online. It just makes sense. Online advertising is more effective, costs less, and is good for the environment. There’s less friction, less gas used, and more trees saved. I’m being a little cheeky here but my point is that online advertising just makes sense.

So here’s the dig and the opportunity for newspapermen and journalists…

While print advertising dollars are moving away from newspapers, television advertising dollars are doing the same; moving from cable and news networks to online video platforms like Youtube and yes… Newspaper web sites (that know how to do it).

Newsmen can regain the money they are losing in print by migrating to web video & monetizing search platforms. There is much more ad money coming to the web from television networks & cable than is moving away from print media… Way more.

Earlier this year, Business Insider Editor, Dan Frommer posted a chart about how Google is spending $100 million dollars to improve Youtube and why.

Television vs. Youtube - A great opportunity for newspapers exists right now!

Television vs. Youtube - A great opportunity for newspapers exists right now!

The delta between traditional TV and everything else is huge but this will change very quickly.  The writing is on the wall; the next generation is not watching television (or getting news) the same way you and I grew up getting it. They are getting news when they want it and where they want it (Internet-connected TVs, the web, tablets, or mobile phones). And the news people who are preparing for this new world now will win the dollars that are migrating from television to online media (newspaper websites included).

Newspapers need to understand the Internet and video and need to exploit it now rather then trying to protect their horses and buggies. They need to understand search engines. They need to understand how Google indexes news and they need to learn how to be part of the action.

Read the story… | Source: Newsosaur | Date posted: 12/6/2011

Read the story… | Source: Business Insider | Date posted: 12/6/2011

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