Micro-Conversions – What Are They?

Listening to an old tape from Ken McCarthy interviewing marketing automation pioneer, Ryan Garey this morning, I learned some great new ideas and was reminded of some valuable old ones.

Sales or Micro-Conversions

Plan your client's (and your) next steps

Plan your client's (and your) next steps

What is a sale? In business we must look at each step in the sales process as an individual sale aka a “micro-conversion”. Micro-conversions happen at several points in working with consumers. They don’t always happen in the same order but generally include the following…

  • Discovering you
  • Reading your ad
  • Learning more about you
  • Clicking on your ad
  • Reading your sales copy headline
  • Reading your sales copy
  • Emailing you to inquire
  • Opting in to your email or mailing list
  • Calling you to inquire
  • Making an appointment with you
  • Clicking on your buy button
  • Ordering from you
  • Using your product – usage theory.
  • Referring you to others
  • Partnering with you
  • Having a relationship with you

Unless you have a process for what your doing you don’t know what you’re doing.
And no one wants to buy from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Traffic Generation To Sales Conversion (And Beyond)

The basic steps that you should plan to have in place include:

  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Segmentation (based on their consumption – What did they do? What should you do next?)
  • Measure opt-ins based on their actions
  • Education of leads
  • Segmentation based on their education and
  • Create a method from there based on customer behavior.

Rembember that business is not about just getting clients. Its about getting and keeping the right clients. Each step you plan should facilitate the ease of the next phase…

Adoption to Business Causation

Once people learn to use the things they buy they are more excited about them than they’ll ever be. So this is a great time to ask for testimonials.

Continue Learning From Your Clients

  • Ask questions
  • Do live coaching calls
  • Do surveys
  • Ask what questions they have
  • Ask for referrals from real fans.

Move Your Clients Into The Affiliation Ascension Stage

Rather than just asking customers to be affiliates or agents for a commission, when they give you referrals, ask them if they would like to be paid or if they would prefer to give a discount to their referred leads. This is a window to their motivation.

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