Journalists Find Opportunities in Marketing Automation

sales-journalismI read two stories today, one of boom and one of gloom, that highlighted how journalists may have a role to play in the new marketing paradigm of content management as part of a company’s sales strategy. The first one was a success story about how one company hired a journalist to manage their content strategy…

Hire A Journalist! (We did, and here’s what we learned)

Some anniversaries are worth celebrating more than others. For this one, I eagerly pop open the Champagne!

I am celebrating the one-year anniversary of a very special employee, Jesse Noyes, our corporate reporter. Jesse is the real deal – a card-carrying journalist with credentials that include The Boston Herald and Boston Business Journal. One year ago, we hired Jesse and I want to celebrate by sharing with you what we’ve learned…

Read the story… | Source: | Date posted: 12/20/2011

When I read this, I got excited because I’ve read a lot over the past three years about journalists out of work. In fact, I just ran across this headline today…

Newspaper Job Cuts Surged 30% In 2011

The number of jobs eliminated in the newspaper industry rose by nearly 30% in 2011 from the prior year, according to the blog that has been tracking the human toll on the industry for the last five years.

Meanwhile, a separate analysis confirms what most of us already suspected: The proportion of cutbacks was higher in newsrooms than it was for the industry as a whole – twice as high by the calculations I will share in a moment.

Read the story… | Source: Newsosaur | Date posted: 12/20/2011

How ironic. A glimmer of hope amidst a sea of despair… but only for those journalists who aren’t blind to that glimmer. Here’s the point…

Marketing is changing. People are tired of the same old sales tricks. They don’t want to be sold but they do want to buy. The new marketing paradigm is to be the advocate and the informer. Rather than bombarding prospects with sales calls, we should be the ones who educate them and who give them the real information they need to make the right decision. If we can play that role, we’ll be rewarded with their business.

So what are you talking about Joe??? What does this have to do with journalists?

Journalists have always been the people’s advocate (at least that is what they are supposed to be). That’s why our founding fathers wrote “freedom of the press” into the First Amendment. So while stodgy newspapers may be laying off journalists (not all newspapers are stodgy; some of them are embracing new media :-)… Good journalists and writers are finding work in the corporate world and especially amongst companies who practice good marketing automation.

Customers are starving for good information so rather than bombarding them with sales offers, start to bombard them with good information on the ideas and goals they are pursuing that have anything to do with your industry or product. When I meet with customers today the first question I ask myself is “How can I help them?” or “What can I do to make them glad they met with me?” This is a lot different than thinking “How can I make this sale?”

A good journalist can help you to write your sales letters and more importantly, your autoresponder sequences. A good journalist has the mindset to become a curator of information that is valuable to your clients.  I think that clients will reward the companies that provide them with the best information and products.

I love this idea and I don’t think journalism is dead. In fact it is more important today than ever before.

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