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JoeMartinico.com is an informational and member-based site. We share ideas and tools designed to help salespeople sell more and small businesses to grow larger. The advise we offer ranges from traditional selling techniques to some of the most modern online marketing ideas and tools. In the process we often recommend other web sites and products. Some of these recommendations are for profit (We are affiliates and earn revenue for referring you to them). Some of them are just referrals about products that we think are useful and we refer them without compensation. We refer them just because we either like them or think they have something of interest to our visitors.

The law states that we need to disclose paid or compensated links and ads so we want to make it clear here that we are, in some cases, compensated for referring you to other companies, websites, and tools.

That said, we never refer our visitors to a site unless we feel that the site has a useful and interesting product or idea to offer. We also do not take responsibility for other company’s actions. We encourage all users of this website to do your own due diligence before buying any product or service. By your use of this site, you acknowledge that you are fully responsible for your own purchases. We do not guarantee any products or services that are not our own.

About Joe Martinico

Joe Martinico coaches entrepreneurs in sales and online marketing.
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